The ORIGINAL BAND - NORRKÖPING SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA The ABBA Tribute - The Symphony album Conductor Christoffer Nobin Musicians Roger Palm, drums Åke Sundquist, drum & percussion Per Lindvall, drum & percussion Johan Stengård, Saxophone Mikael Areklev, Guitars Mike Watson, Bass Rutger Gunnarsson, Guitars Lasse Wellander, Guitars ABBA original designer, Owe Sandström Linda Frirhiof, vocal Malin Kernby, lead vocal Patrik Lundström, Lead vocal & guitar Joakim Niehoff, lead vocal & Grand Piano Jennie-Ann Smith, vocal Sara Wendelford, Vocal Anna Lundström, Vocal Johan Landquist, Grandpiano & Keyboards Mahnus Fritz, Drums Tobbe Fall, guitars Magnu Bengtsson, Guitars Beatrice Robertsson, Backup vocals Symphony orchestrations Johan Landqvist Andreas Landgren Christoffer Nobin Recording producer, Lars Nilsson Recording Recorded at Louise de Geer Concert Hall, Norrköping Sweden Recording producer, Lars Nilsson Recording engineer, Michael Dahlvid Mixed och mastrered by Lars Nilsson LG Blom,, art work Thorleif Robertsson, photos Produced by Johan Landqvist

Released 9 April 2014


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Nilento Records -  High resolution label